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Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering

The University of Genoa (UNIGE) is a teaching and research institution, in which academics, students and administrative and technical staff participate in the exercise of the respective competences, functions and responsibilities ( The University was founded in 1933 by means of Regio Decreto n. 1592 but its history can be traced back several centuries (14th century).

UNIGE is a public institution provided with scientific, educational, organizational and financial autonomy and it is involved in the building of a European area for research and advanced professional training. It operates in accordance with the principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic and of Magna Charta subscribed by European Universities in 1988.

The UNIGE research Unit for project Hypergears is the Laboratory of Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAELab), within the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering (DIME). DIME is part of the several European networks and, during the last ten years, has been involved in numerous national and international research projects in the field of mechanics on machines, silulation, CAE methods, robotics and innovative mechanical and mechatronic systems. MCAELab was founded more than 25 years ago by a group of researchers sharing a common vision about research and didactic in the fields of modelling, simulation and design of advanced mechanical systems and structures.


Research Unit


The MCAELab research unit for Hypergears project consists of the following members.


Pietro Fanghella received the Master degree in Mechanical engineering, magna cum laude, at the University of Genoa in 1980. From 1980 to 1983, he was at the CAD-CAE Division of Italimpianti. In 1983, he became assistant professor at the University of Genoa. In 1984 he received a CNR-NATO grant as visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1990, he became associate professor and since 2000 he is appointed as full professor of Mechanics of Machines at the Department of Mechanical, Energetic, Management and Transportation Engineering (DIME) of the University of Genoa. Presently he is Scientific Coordinator of the Mechanical Computer Aided Laboratory (MCAE-Lab) at DIME. His research activity is devoted to the Theory of Mechanisms and Machines and to the Design of mechanical and mechatronic systems: computational kinematics and dynamics, mobility of mechanisms and robots, dynamics and control of mechanical systems, design and analysis of non-conventional mechanical transmissions.



Matteo Verotti is associate professor of Applied Mechanics (ING-IND/13) at the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transport Engineering, University of Genoa. His research activities focus on the design and modeling of compliant mechanisms, robotics and microrobotics systems, MEMS. He published more than 30 international journal papers and several patents.




Simone Serafino received his M.S degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Genoa in 2021. Currently, he is a PhD student at University of Genoa in Robotics and Mechatronics. His main research activity is about the design and optimization of compliant joints and their integration in complex mechanism.